24/7 Emergency Roofing & Roof Repair Services

Mother nature can wreak a havoc and damage the strongest structures built by man. Nobody wants to ever experience the roofing emergency, but sometimes nature’s wrath makes it essential to hire emergency roofing services to fix the leaking or damaged roof to prevent any further damage to the structure.

At Gentry Roofing, our expert roofers are always ready with their expertise and required equipment to repair the roof damage and leaks quickly and effectively. Our experienced roofing crew is skilled in using different types of roofing materials. Our team of roofing in Toronto is capable of solving emergency roofing issues promptly. This a great reason why we are highly trusted names for emergency roof repair in Toronto.

If you have any emergency roofing in Toronto or need any other service such as residential roofing in Toronto, contact us at 416-777-1093 for immediate help.

Reasons behind the Roofing Emergencies:

  • Lack of proper maintenance
  • Wind damage
  • Rain damage
  • Fallen tree
  • Improper roof installation practices
  • Ice build-up and ice dams in valleys
  • Flashing breakdowns at the roof penetrations including dormers, chimneys and vent stacks

Some of these roofing emergencies are easy to prevent while others require professional assistance. For the best and reliable emergency, residential and metal roofing in Toronto, you can rely on our services.

Things to Keep in Mind While Having a Roofing Emergency:

In case you face any sort of roofing emergency, you must keep three important points in mind to prevent accidents:

  • Do Not Climb the Roof: Remember, a damaged roof is extremely dangerous. Do not try to do the things yourself or climb up to survey the damage. Let the professional of flat roofing companies in Toronto do their job and check it out properly.
  • Cover the Entire Interior: You can use plastic sheets to cover the interiors of your house. It will prevent the precious interior of your property from damage. Keep these things covered until the emergency roofing repair is complete.