Reliable Flat Roofing Contractor Toronto

We are experienced flat roofing contractors and undertake all kinds of projects from flat roofing installation, re-roofing and repairs for both domestic and commercial clients. Our team is well-versed enough to help and advise people on the best solutions as per their needs, preferences and budget. We provide top quality roofing solutions to all our clients at great prices.

Types of Flat Roofing Services We Offer:

  • Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) Roofing Membrane: It is considered the next-generation roofing material. Although it is referred to single ply, it consists of three different components that include structural deck, thermal insulation and waterproofing layer that adhere to the roof. It is a good option for residential roofing in Toronto.
  • Rubber Membrane: Also known as EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer), it is a durable material that protects the roof from sunlight damage. This type of roof can be anchored with ballasted, fasteners with glue or stone. We offer EPDM roofing since it is durable and resistant to tears and scuffs.
  • Build-up Roof (BUR): This type of roofing comprised of gravel and hot tar and is an affordable flat roofing system. Typically, three or four layers are created with the waterproof material for more durability. Gentry Roofing is one of the top commercial roofing companies in Toronto that specialises in installing and repairing Tar & Gravel 4 Ply roofs.
  • Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC): One of the best roofing types is PVC as it offers great tolerance and flexibility to extreme temperatures. PVC roofs can be extremely reflective. These roofs are mainly designed to keep the building cooler, reduce the energy demand and maintain the right temperature inside the building.

Gentry Roofing: Your Perfect Flat Roofing Contractor

With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, we are one of the best flat roofing companies in Toronto. With a highly motivated and trained team, we always provide the best possible results. For emergency roof repair or other roofing needs, you can call us today!