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Gentry Roofing can extend the Life of your Industrial Roof!

Industrial roofing is tailor-made for roof coatings. Majority of the roofs on manufacturing facilities are large and flat. It is the perfect surface for a sprayed-on or rolled-on acrylic polymer membrane. As the surface is often interrupted by vents, HVAC and other fixtures  makes this more possible. A smooth coating provides you with spectacular leak protection.

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The coating option is cheaper than the roof replacement and constant leak repair for someone with an aging roof problem or a roof that has a leak. Eliminating removal of your old industrial roofing saves you an upfront tear-off cost of up to a dollar per square foot. It also makes restoring your roof a quicker process to keeping product lines running.

You will be satisfied with the level of service we provide. We will make sure that your facility’s needs have been met and exceeded. Affordability, durability and ease of repair make a coating system the obvious choice.

What kind of roof do you have? Each roof has a specially-formulated coating.

    • Hot-tar and gravel
    • Modified bitumen (MBR)
    • Rubber (EPDM)
    • Built-up (BUR)
    • Metal
    • Single ply
    • Polyurethane foam
    • Standing seam metal
    • Asphalt
    • Shingle

Many convivial customers have added 20 years of useful life to their commerical roofs . Some report the coating paid for itself in seven years, because of the energy savings. We coat flat roofs with low-sloped designs. This is know to be the next-generation method for repairing problems which extends the life of your existing roof.

Only experienced Toronto roofing servicemen can give you the superior level service you need.

Job safety: Our primary concern is to protect your employees, property, and the reputation of our excellent staff. We ensure that the crew handling your industrial roofing project is safety-trained and safety-conscious at all times. We carry full liability coverage to protect you and our staff.

Each building is different and has different needs for solutions. For example flat and low-slope roofs may have unique waterproofing challenges due to location, etc. We resolve our industrial customers’ problems with custom-tailored work.

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